Electric riding has taken the world by storm, zipping through cities and transforming the way we commute. But beyond their convenience and eco-friendliness, these vehicles have also been quietly fostering a sense of community that’s bringing people together in ways we never imagined. From impromptu races and group rides to shared experiences and newfound connections, the social benefits of electric scooters are proving to be just as electrifying as their namesake. If you’re curious about how these small but mighty machines are igniting a spark of camaraderie in our neighborhoods, then hop on board and join us for ride through the world of e scooter culture.

E scooters are an accessible and inclusive mode of transportation. Unlike traditional bicycles or cars, they are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, for leisure and practicality. Electric scooters with seats and foldable electric scooters are just two of many ways e scooters help transportation become more inclusive. This means that families, friends, and neighbors can ride together, regardless of their physicality. E scooters are breaking down barriers and allowing people to become closer.

This mode of transportation also creates opportunities for socializing and exploring. Groups of riders can explore their city together, discovering new neighborhoods and hidden gems, in a way that vehicles are unable to. It also gives way to opportunities for riders to meet, even with a passing hello or a short conversation waiting at a stop light, they can stop and sit on their electric scooter seat and have a chat. By encouraging people to get out and explore, electric scooters are helping to create a greater sense of connection and belonging.

E scooters are creating new opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs. With the rise of e scooter rentals, many small businesses have sprung up to provide maintenance, repairs, and electric scooter accessories. This creates new jobs and economic opportunities within local communities. Supporting these businesses, riders are not only promoting local economic growth but also strengthening their connection to their community.

E scooter companies like Phantomgogo have taken community building to a whole new level by crafting a sense of belonging within their own electric scooter users. One way that Phantomgogo has built a sense of community is through social media platforms. Phantomgogo has created a sense of community where electric scooter riders can connect, share experiences, offer advice, or enjoy a shared laugh or two.

As our cities continue to grow and our streets become increasingly congested, it’s becoming not only important but necessary to find another reliable source of transportation. And that’s where e scooters come in. They bring the alternative mode of transportation and the fun. Combining exploration and togetherness, in a way a traditional vehicle never could. 

April 06, 2023 — Kattiana Etka